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    Hi Dr Katrina & Kelly,

    Firstly, just wanted to say how much we have enjoyed your puppy training over the past 4 weeks. So much good advice, from the weekly general information to the forums, where other’s questions have been similar to ours. We have learned lots! The web site was set up well & easy to negotiate so keep up the great work!

    Also, we received our personalised collar & lead the other day from the photo competition. It’s lovely. Thank you so much!

    Jane Brown

  • Wonderdog School Reviews


    Thank you Dr Katrina and Kelly for all of your advice, tips and information.

    It feels good having professionals you can go to at basically any time if you have a question or issue. This puppy club has been great to be part of.

    Charlie’s mum

  • Wonderdog School Reviews


    Hi Dr Katrina & Kelly,

    I just wanted to say a big thank-you for giving us the opportunity to participate in this fantastic course with our beautiful furbaby BJ. He is such a keen participant and has added many useful tricks to his portfolio of entertainment, my 11 year old was very proud of himself, teaching BJ your “Bow” technique, all by himself!!! Thank-you for your tips on anxiety issues and lead pulling, we will certainly be putting those into practice.

    Megan & BJ

  • Wonderdog School Reviews


    I just wanted to take the opportunity to say thank-you both SO very much!!! Your advice, information and tips have honestly been invaluable and I feel so much more confident moving forward knowing that I am training Iggy the right way!!

    Kind Regards,

    Marika Clayson.

  • Kelly Gill – Training Reviews

    I had heard of Kelly Gill before I had the opportunity to meet her. The first time I saw her working her dogs I realised why she had garnered such a fabulous reputation. Never before had I seen dogs who were so very willing to work. They were enthusiastic, engaged, happy and extremely keen dogs. They obviously loved both their work and the opportunity to be with Kelly.

    Kelly uses ‘Positive Reinforcement’ to teach her dogs new behaviours. These range from tricks, obedience, agility, film and television work and of course Wonderdog events.  Kelly truly understands the science behind reward based training and always has the dog’s best interest at heart.

    Kelly keeps up to date with the latest research plus information about behaviour and training by attending, and organising, seminars and workshops on a wide variety of subjects. Kelly is very generous with her time and knowledge passing on what she knows to families who attend her puppy classes, working with members at dog clubs, giving advice to the general public at open days and pet expos to name a few.

    If you want to learn how to train your dog in a fun, positive, motivational way, then as a fellow dog trainer, I could not recommend more highly that you take lessons from Kelly Gill.

    Jacky Walker

    Delta Society Australia Certified Dog Trainer,
    Member of Australian Pet Dog Trainers,
    Co-founder Border Collie Rescue Australia
    Obedience and Agility Instructor

  • Wonderdogs Tricks and Training

    What better way to build a relationship with your best four legged friend than by teaching him tricks?  And who better to teach you how to teach your dog  those tricks than Kelly Gill?  Kelly and her  Wonderdogs teamed up with Dr Katrina Warren to create The Wonderdogs Tricks & Training Book.  It  is a terrific book for all dog lovers, whether you are a beginner or experienced dog trainer you will be inspired to give it a go!   As well as easy to follow step by step instructions on training several tricks, they also provide some invaluable insights into starting out with a new puppy.

    Kelly is proof that positive reinforcement training works, and works well.   Her dogs are such happy workers/performers they are a joy to watch.  If you are after ways to have fun with your best friend then this book is for you.  I have been lucky enough to attend a training seminar weekend with Kelly, she is a terrific teacher,  very inspirational and encouraging and a super nice person to boot!

    Sally Hopkins

  • Review- Wonderdogs Tricks and Training

    Wonderdogs Tricks and Training is a terrific book to help you along the path of having a happy well behaved and clever dog or puppy. Dr Katrina and Kelly have made it as easy as possible with lots of straight forward explanations and pictures. We used this book when our dog Clair was a puppy to teach her things like sit and stay and still use it now to teach her more advanced tricks. She loves to learn new things and with this book it’s also a lot of fun.

    Keith Hodson


  • Review of “Wonderdogs -Tricks and Training

    This book is just gorgeous!  So many pictures of the Wonderdogs in action and beautiful pictures of puppies!  It is a good handy size, almost a pocketbook.

    I love the fact that it covers bringing up a puppy, essential training AND tricks in such a concise and simple way.  For example just a paragraph each on desexing, diet, dental care and grooming, just to name a few.  This means that readers can get the information they need, and nothing more, quickly and easily.  They don’t have to read through an entire chapter on a subject just to get the same info contained in a few sentences in this book.

    The layout, the font, all the photos and the fact that there’s essential writing only, makes is an very easy reference for the new puppy owner – and the more experienced as well!!  I love it!!!!

    Jenny Ryan


  • Review- Wonderdogs Tricks and Training

    “An amazing book, has it all!

    Great puppy guide, helped so much in preparation for our newest little family member Blush.

    Easy to read tips including crate training which we have found wonderful.

    Looking forward to many years of fun and learning with our Wonderdogs Tricks & Training”

    Kerry Gilmour

  • Wonderdogs Tricks and Training

    Hi Kelly and Dr Katrina

    Thank you so much for putting together your Wonderdogs book. I brought home a new puppy a little over 12 months ago, and your book reinforced that I was doing the right thing with him, such as crate training him and providing him a safe place in a puppy pen, so he didn’t get up to too much mischief when I couldn’t watch him all the time! He loves his crate and is known to, after finishing a set at agility training, run and jump into it with a big grin on his happy face. As well as this young boy I have another two border collies. I’ve recently had to retire my 12 year old from agility and am now using some of your ideas from the tricks section of your book with her. I just love the tricks you have in there. We are having fun learning new things, and it’s keeping her young at heart. I also use some of your tricks with my 4 year old to get her attention and keep her focussed on me, especially at times when she could get stressed by her surrounds. She really loves showing off and doing her “sit pretty” trick! She forgets about what’s going on around her and focusses on me and the reward she knows she is going to get. I have also been working on some of your other tricks with my young boy, and it’s been great for building our team work and his attention on me. I love watching him work out what it is I’m asking him to do. Your step by step suggestions are great for getting started with a new trick. I do hope you put out another book with more tricks to teach my dogs!


    Amanda Delaney