How does it work?

Once you sign up, the course begins. Over a 4 week period, series of exclusive videos, fact sheets and training tips. You’ll have access to the forums where you can join in the weekly live online chat sessions with Dr Katrina and Kelly. We will send you weekly emails to remind you about the week’s activities, socialisation homework and the times for the live chats.

How much time will it take up

We estimate about 15 minutes a day for puppy training but you can really do as little or as much as you would like.  You can do the course in your own time and choose what areas interest you.The live Q/A session time will be emailed to you each week- this is your opportunity to ask us questions but it is not compulsory for you to join in. You will be able to read the discussion threads.

Does this replace going to puppy class?

The more you activities you do with your puppy, the better. Our course is a great next step for after Puppy Classes, as this is often a time when people have many questions.  If you can’t attend a local puppy class, we will give you all the information you need to get your puppy off to a great start, including advice on how to socialise your puppy adequately.

How old should my puppy be?

The course caters for puppies of all ages and skill level, starting at 6-8weeks.  Owners of older puppies will benefit, as we will help you manage the many issues that often arise with adolescence.  You will still have fun & learn with an adult dog of any age that needs basic skills.

My puppy already knows some basics, will I still benefit?

Definitely. We will help you manage issues that may arise during adolescence such as jumping up, chewing, pulling on the lead and barking. We will show you how to teach some fun tricks too as we believe teaching tricks helps enhance the bond with your puppy/dog.

Can I join Wonderdog School if I don’t live in Australia?

Yes, we have Wonderdog School members from all around the world.  As it is all online, you can view it in your own country in your own time. The live Q/A sessions are on Australian Eastern Standard Time and are usually held at 8 or 8.30pm.  Please note, we only send products and gifts to Australian residents.

Can I consume the videos, posts, homework and all the content whenever I want?

Yes, this is the main reason that we created Wonderdog School– to give puppy owners the tools to learn and enjoy at their own pace. The live chat sessions are at a fixed time each week but if you miss the session, you can still read all the answers online. We will email you details of these sessions ahead of time.

How long after can I go back and view the videos and access all the downloads, homework etc?

You can revisit the videos and written material for 4 weeks after Wonderdog School finishes.

Can my children do this?

We encourage the whole family to be involved. Parents must always supervise their children if they interacting with the puppy  and when engaging with any online content in general. Children under 12 years of age should not train pets, except under the direct and continuous supervision of a competent adult.

My puppy isn’t fully vaccinated will this be OK?

Yes. Our online course is suitable for young puppies as you can do everything in a safe environment.  However, we will talk about the benefits of taking your puppy out for socialising and you will need to ensure other puppies and dogs you may meet are fully vaccinated.

My dog is a rescue will he be able to join in

Absolutely! Thank you for  providing a dog in need with a loving  home. Please allow us to help you develop a strong bond & gain the basics for a well mannered dog

I have two puppies- how does it work?

If you have more than one puppy living with you, both can benefit from the course, but please note puppy club subscriptions cater for one puppy. Please choose one puppy for the enrolment form and only one puppy will receive sign up gifts per membership fee


Are my details safe?

Yes, your details are safe.  All information is encrypted using SSL to provide you with the safest, most secure purchasing experience.

What is the Wonderdog School cancellation policy?

You need to be sure that you are happy to be a part of the Wonderdog School before you register and pay, unfortunately at this stage there are no cancellations once payment has gone through.

What happens after I enrol?

First your payment is processed.  As soon as your payment is approved you will have access to the Wonderdog School welcome page. You will also receive a welcome email from us explaining the details. Week one if the course will unlock for you and you can start training straight away.  You will be able to join in the next live forum to ask your questions- there is one forum session a week.

I forgot my password

Not to worry, you can always re-set your password at any time.