Top 3 Puppy Disasters

Puppies are a complete delight, their cute antics are very entertaining. But managing their behaviour can be frustrating, confusing, and downright challenging at times. We’ve all had a laugh at social media postings of puppy destruction – shredded beds, chewed shoes and destroyed gardens. As a puppy owner you need to be realistic: it can […]

5 Biggest Blunders Puppy Owners Make

The sight of a cute, cuddly puppy can warm the coldest heart. They’re so tiny and adorable, surely they couldn’t become a problem, right? Wrong! The hilarious antics of puppies can provide no end of amusement, but their behaviour can also be messy, frustrating and confusing for new owners. It can be tricky to work […]

5 Things All Puppy Owners Should Do

Choosing your new puppy and bringing them home is a really exciting time. From the very beginning you should plan how you’re going to manage your puppy, because the first few months will influence your puppy’s behaviour for life. At Wonderdogschool we are passionate about setting you up and your puppy up for success. The […]

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